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Fall, 1998: Three Team Members, exploring thousands of years of history in a country of 95 million people !!!
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- - - - August 15, 1998
They're off! The team left San Francisco to make their way south to Mexico City. Along the way, they'll check out Aztlan, where the Aztecs came from, a region that is today the southwest USA and northern Mexico.
August 19, 1998 - - - -
Trekking around San Diego enjoying the warm weather and the warmth of the local people. The Team's spending a few days near the border - the original homeland of the Aztecs, and home to Covenant House, the same organization for homeless youth they will work with in Mexico.
- - - - August 22, 1998
¡¡¡Que viva Mexico!!! The team visited Tijuana and is now in Mexico City! Learn about their first impressions and continue building your AZTEC KNOWLEDGE!
August 26, 1998 - - - -
The Team is really getting into it now. Shawn and Monica attended an AFS retreat for 80 kids from all over the world visiting Mexico. Silvia began her stay with Casa Alianza working with street youth.
- - - - August 29, 1998
Can you say "Cultural Transition?" We knew you could. The team is currently experiencing a little cultural transition. In this update learn about their impressions of different aspects of life in Mexico!
September 2, 1998 - - - -
Traveling through time... The team visited Teotihuacan and drank in a LOT of Aztec mythology! And Silvia asked homeless youth your questions!
- - - - September 5, 1998
Two different kinds of battles... Silvia got a lot of opinions about homeless youth and addiction to chemicals, and the team visited the place where the Aztecs surrendered to the Spaniards
September 9, 1998 - - - -
Dancing, singing, flying through the air — Mexico has it all!
- - - - September 12, 1998
Some sobering and astounding reports of battles and miracles! - The team visited the Monument to the Niños Heroes and the Basilica de Guadalupe.
September 16, 1998 - - - -
Celebrations! - The team celebrates Mexican Independence (and Monica's birthday). They also explored the history of the Mexican Revolution.
- - - - September 19, 1998
Contemporary Mexican Challenges (and a little team fun!) The team covers the Zapatista uprising, the flooding in Chiapas, and reports on their own misadventures.
September 23, 1998 - - - -
Relations between Mexico and the US - The team reports on migrant workers, social change, and culture shock - their final Mexico Trek report!


9/11/98 - The Wisdom of Youth:
Meet 3 former homeless kids

9/5/98 - Would You Care to Dance?

8/30/98 - Hangin' with the Gods

9/14/98 - The Shout that Defeated a King
(Mexican Independence Day)

9/3/98 - Liliana: 14-year-old soccer player
and Aztec expert

9/4/98 - The Flying Men of Mexico City


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