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Live Webcast, February 18, 1999!

We want to make this event as easy-to-use and successful for you as possible. So we've provided you with these easy step by step instructions to help you check that your computer has everything you'll need, and that it's all working fine.

If you use the web often, you'll probably find that your computer is already set to go. However, if your computer isn't set to go, we should warn you that downloading certain applications can take a long time (sometimes even up to an hour on a slow dialup connection). But any time you need to download something, feel free to take a break and run outside rather than sitting and staring at that "2% downloaded" message :-). Note that it is probably worth your while to do this now anyway, as The Odyssey website will have many more multi-media features in the future, as will many other websites.

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The Browser -

You will need Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher, or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher, to participate in the chat portion of the event.

To start you off, we're going to cover the application you are using to view this very web page. The most common browsers are Netscape Navigator or Communicator (Netscape) and Microsoft's Internet Explorer (MSIE). If you are on AOL, you probably are using the version of MSIE which is included in the AOL software. You can usually easily determine which one your using by Netscape's logo (a stylized N) or the MSIE spinning globe in the top right hand corner of the window.

Each browser has many versions (3.0, 4.0, etc) available as they continue to add new features and release new versions. We recommend you use the latest version so that you can take advantage of all the latest features, however either browser which is version 3.0 or greater will work for this event.

Finding out your browser version is easy. If you are on a Windows machine the help menu in Netscape Navigator's toolbar has an option for About Navigator, this will tell you which version you have. Windows machines running Internet Explorer has the same option under the help menu on the toolbar of the browser.

If you are on a Macintosh machine and you have your browser open click on the Apple in the upper left of the toolbar and it will give the option About Navigator or About Internet Explorer to find out which version you are running.

You can update your browser by clicking on one of the icons below

(Note: To make navigation easy, each link for downloading software included on this page will spawn or launch a seperate browser window. When you have completed the download, you can just close that browser window and you will see this page again.)

  Download Netscape Navigator   Download Internet Explorer

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RealPlayer® Test & Download -

You will need the RealPlayer® to participate in the audio/video portion of the event.

The quickest way to see if you have the RealPlayer installed already is to try playing a clip. For our test, we'll use theRealVideo® test message.

CLICK HERE and if the RealPlayer opens and starts playing, you are all set. If your browser indicates that there is a "security hazard", go ahead and select "open." If it gives you any other message, asking you what you'd like to do, "cancel" out. You will need to download and install the RealPlayer.

To download the RealPlayer, click here.

If you are behind a firewall which is not configured to let RealAudio through, you can find more information on some possible solutions at RealNetworks' Firewall Help Page.

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Chat Registration -

You will need to register - it's quick and free - to particpatein the chat portion of this event.

You need to pre-register in the chat room before you can participate in the discussion during the webcast. This simply entails choosing a name you would like to use and a password and providing your email address. Feel free to check out some of the chat rooms available now to get an idea of how this will work. Note that during the live webcast with Rigoberta, you will be able to submit questions, but only the moderator will see them and forward them to Gutemala. Rigoberta and the intervewers from The Odyssey will be the only ones who can be read during the event to prevent unnecessary interruptions.

Click here to pre-register for your participation in the live chatroom during the webcast. Be sure to select "Register" on the screen that pops up.

Note: If you are registering during or immediately prior to the event, be sure to click from here to the live webcast page for the video and audio portion as well!

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That's it! -- you should now be ready to go! You can now browse the different areas of this site knowing all should work as expected! Still having problems? Drop us a note and we'll see what we can do!