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Latin America Making a Difference Archive


Helping Political Prisoners in Peru
May 29, 1999

Lori Berenson was convicted for treason. To condemn her, Peru had to break four binding international treaties on legal rights and even their own constitution. She now resides in a prison cell convicted of life without parole. You can making a difference by letting the governments know how you feel about these wrongful imprisonments of political prisoners.

Save the Redwood Forests (and the Coho Salmon, and the Spotted Owl, and All of Us)!!!
May 15, 1999

Headwaters Forest, in Norhern California has been a focus of public concern since it was purchased by the Maxxam Corporation in 1986 and logging operations in this rare rainforest were nearly tripled, without concern for the future of the endangered species which live here. Thousands of concerned people have come to Humboldt County to voice their concern for the 2,000 year-old trees, the Coho Salmon, the Spotted Owl, and the many other creatures who live there. Learn more about how you can help save our ancient redwoods.

Save the Rainforest from Your Own Backyard!
May 1, 1999

Rainforests used to cover 14% of the Earth's land. Now they cover 2% and at the current rate of deforestation, scientists estimate that nearly all tropical rainforest ecosystems will be destroyed in the next 30 years. There are many things you can do to help save the rainforests. Get involved! Join rainforest action group or learn about conservation efforts going on.

Eating Pesticide Potato Chips
April 28, 1999

Large agricultural companies are genetically engineering seeds to create higher profits for themselves, but at the cost of biodiversity and poor farmers, and perhaps for all plants and animals! Learn more and help turn the tide!


Constant Threat At Big Mountain
April 17, 1999

The Dineh Navahoe are under constant threat because their ancestral sacred land rests on the site of lucrative coal reserves with an estimated worth in the billions of dollars. Major coal mining companies are trying to pass laws that make it legal to force these innocent Navajo people from their homes. Learn more about this devastating issue and how you can help.

Violence in "Peaceful Communities"
April 10, 1999

Human rights are violated every day in Uraba, Colombia. Recently, 12 Community leaders are abducted by army-supported paramilitary groups and three are tortured and killed. Thousands upon thousands of innocent slayings have been reported in the past five years. Stop violence in Colombia's peace communities.

Live From Death Row - Mumia Abu-Jamal
April 7, 1999

Mumia Abu-Jamal has been imprisoned since 1981. He was accused and sentenced to die for killing a police officer. Supporters believe that withheld and false evidence contributed to Abu-Jamal's unfair trial and sentencing. Some argue that either way, the death penalty is unjust. Can you help this man?

The Fate of Colombian Killers
March 31, 1999

FARC, a revolutionary group in Colombia, has claimed responsibility for the killing of three Americans in Colombia. They say they will try the accused soldier in their own court and will consider the death penalty. Some human rights organizations, like Amnesty International, argue that he will not get a fiar trial, and that even if he is found guilty, he should not be put to death. Do you support the death penalty? Do you htink he will get a fair trial? Share your opinion!

Slayings in Colombia
March 17, 1999

Three American women went to Colombia to help an indigenous group establish an education system to support the continuation of their traditional way of life. They were kidnapped and later found murdered. The Indigenous Women's Network is calling for a full prosecution of those responsible, and an investigation into the actions of the US State Department. You can help ensure this is done!


Help Protect Guatemala's Street Children!
March 13, 1999

On 2 February 1999, 22 street children, aged between 13 and 17, were detained and accused of 'public nuisance' by uniformed members of the Policia Civil Nacional (PCN) in Guatemala City. On 11 February, two other street children were beaten up and one of them was sexually abused, again by a member of the PCN. You can write a letter to the president of Guatemala protesting the arbitrary arrests and violence towards street children in Guatemala.

Stop Oil Drilling in the Rainforest
March 6, 1999

Oil companies are increasingly looking to protected regions of the rainforest to do their drilling. Please write a letter to President Arzú of Guatemala and ask that he commit himself to protecting these regions.

Support Educational Opportunities for Youth in Guatemala
February 27, 1999

The Guatemalan youth have little opportunity for education as we do here in America. Imagine not being able to read or write. Imagine having to work as a child in place of schooling in order to help your parents provide food and clothing for the family. You can make a difference to help educate these children! Please send what support you can to the following address: Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo, 8a Calle 7-46, Zone 1, Guatemala City, GUATEMALA or Mail To: Grupo de Apoyo Mutuo.

Indigenous in the US - Free Leonard Peltier!
February 24, 1999

Leonard Peltier is an American Indian who has been in jail for 23 years for supposedly being responsible for the deaths of the two federal agents. His case has been controversial and Leonard's only hope for freedom is a pardon by President Clinton. Please read what you can about Leonard's case, educate yourself about the situation of native people in your own country and consider writing a letter to the President to make a difference in providing for fair justice to all native Indians' including Leonard.

The Godchild Project - Helping Youth in Guatemala
February 24, 1999

The Godchild Project cares for impoverished Gautemalan children, families and communities through sponsorship, healthcare, education, housing and human development. For only $30 a month you can sponsor a needy child and your aid provided may in turn assist the entire family. Please support the Godchild project in whatever way you can, big or small. You may contact them at

Youth for Peace
February 20, 1999

Make a contribution and help make Bladimiro Palacios's dream become a reality in getting his 'Youth for Peace' program started. The program provides a forum for activities and guidance for students after school, in turn keeping them away from the despair of drugs and alcohol. If you are interested in helping out, get in touch with Bladimiro directly via e-mail at the following address:, Subject: Bladimiro Palacios.

Help the Massacre Witnesses
February 17, 1999

Help the witnesses and survivors of the Río Negro Massacre to achieve justice. In order to discover who is responsible for the Rio Negro Massacre, we must guarantee the security and protection of witnesses to testify. You can send a letter, e-mail, or fax to urge authorities to investigate all complaints of acts of violence and intimidation. Write letters before March 15, 1999, or contact Amnesty International.

Children and War
February 10, 1999

Today as many as 250,000 children under the age of eighteen serve in government forces or armed rebel groups. You can write a letter to your local and national government officials, the editor of your newspaper, or to Amnesty International by February 28, 1999 to support the ban of child soldiers. Your actions will help to raise awareness!


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