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Latin America
Odyssey Maps

We've had an exciting few days in several different places, so reports today are from a few different areas of Mexico. Klaus reports from the ancient city of Teotihuacan, with the third largest pyramid in the world. It's north of Mexico City.

Abeja and Jamila write their reports from Palenque where we began our exploration of the Maya culture (and monkeys!)

From Palenque we all took different routes on our way to our main destination, Guatemala!

Shawn and Kavitha headed south through Chiapas where there is an active revolutionary movement. They report today on that movement, and on the environment in Chiapas.

In this map you can see the routes we will be following:

Monica and Abeja are taking a river trip through the rainforest to cross the border into Guatemala and on to the old Maya capital city of Tikal.

Klaus and Jamila are heading north so they can visit the other major Maya cities of Uxmal and Chichen Itza. They will then drop down through Belize and cross over to get to Tikal themselves.

Shawn and Kavitha will continue on from San Cristobal into Guatemala and on to Quetzaltenango, a primarily indigenous (Maya descendents) city. The Team will not be reunited until February 7th, if all goes according to plan!

In this final map you can see the different areas of control that the Maya and Aztecs had. Note that not only did they have power at different times, but they controlled different areas as well.


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