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All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go... La Fiesta del Gran Poder

Big city life in Bolivia!
Get ready for "La mayor Fiesta Folklorica de los Andes," the biggest folklore festival of the Andes, EL GRAN PODER! "It's a big party. People dance in the street!" said Jose Luis, 15. Put on your favorite dress, shoes, and don't forget the feathers! It's time to celebrate the "Lord of the Great Power!"

Jose Luis dresses his clients in spangles, velvet, feathers, headdresses, and shiny outfits.
"The Great Power that people celebrate has to do with the three sides to everyone," says Maria downstairs from the Internet cafe. "Everyone has an evil side, a good side, and then a part of them that's in the middle, neither one or the other," she explained. "The festival celebrates the power of having three in one."


This is a party where you do not need to ask your parents if you can go. Why? The party starts at 6:30 in the morning! Kids, parents, and teachers all get together and dance down the streets of La Paz, Bolivia. With their spangles, velvet, feathers, headdresses, and shiny outfits, they look more colorful than a rainbow.

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It's party time for this beauty queen!
The party is May 29th this year, and sadly enough, I will not be able to go. While I was in Jose's store, I tried on a cape and wings, along with a wig and tiara. Right on! We had missed Carnival in Central America and now we're going to miss El Gran Poder, the best festival in La Paz, but at least I can imagine...

Happy to have a fancy outfit to wear instead of my jeans and Odyssey T-shirt, I wanted to parade out in the street, but Jose didn't let me. Oh well. All dressed up, but no where to go!


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