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Join us as we go all the way around the world!
Right now this is the first part - Latin America!

May 8, 1999:
The World Trekkers Strike Back!

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How would you like to get around your town in a boat?

Ever think your teacher is closer to being Darth Vader (especially after a long math assignment)? Well, if you took philiosophy at the University of San Cristobal in Peru, you'd be a little too close to the truth!
Kavitha - There's a Guerrilla in the House!

Hello? Are you a Stormtrooper or something? I'm NOT from China! Okay!! Get it!?!?
Kevin - Notice! Lost and Found! My Identity in Peru! I am Vietnamese-American and have Slanted Eyes

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May 12, 1999 - 3 pm

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