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Save the Rainforest from Your Own Backyard!

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Rainforests are Earth's oldest living ecosystems

In Shawn's article you read that unless we do something to save the rainforest, it could be completely destroyed in the next thirty years.

What can you do to protect the rainforest?
Rainforest Action Network suggests there are things you can do every day to protect the rainforest. Use less paper. Remember that forests are cut for trees. By using less paper, you will help save rainforests. Use a lunch pail or a canvas sack to take your lunch to school. Use cloth napkins when you can. If you have to use paper napkins, conserve and use one. If you are in a restaurant that has a napkin holder, ask the manager to put up a small sign reminding people to use just one, that napkins come from trees.

Eat less meat - or at lease buy beef raised in the United States or in rainforest free countries, where it hasn't been raised on land where the rainforest has been cleared.

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A squirrel monkey is just one of the 30 million species living in the rainforest.
Know what you are buying - buy things with that don't come with a lot of packaging. Choose cereals, nuts and cookies made with rainforest products. If you think a company is destroying the rainforest, tell your family not to buy products from that company.

Tell others what you know. Find our more about the rainforest. Read books and listen to the news. Talk to people about the rainforest and tell them we need to act now.
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The highly intelligent macaw can live for up to 30 years.
Get involved! Your class can find out about a project going on in another country and get involved at

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