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Latin America

Join us as we go all the way around the world!
Right now this is the first part - Latin America!

May 1, 1999:
Standing up for Peru (it holds your fate, too!)

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Patience and cheer in the middle of protest

There's nothing as eternal as Nature, right? Think again... before it's too late!
Shawn - The Mighty Amazon: Slipping Slowly Away Into Never-Neverland

Do your parents ever say, "Do you think money grows on trees?" Now you have a comeback: "Gold grows on corn stalks!"
Monica - Goldilocks and the Three Incas

Making a Difference Making a DifferenceMaking a Difference
"Save the rainforest" is more than a cute slogan. You can really help make it happen - a must if life is to continue as we know it!
Making a Difference - Saving the Rainforest from Your Own Backyard!

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May 5, 1999 - 3 pm

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