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Shape of...a Puma Head! Form Incan City!

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The eye of the puma
Do you believe that a city can form a shape of an animal? Some people think the country of Italy is in the form of a boot. And where I grew up in Florida, there's a city called Boca Raton, mouth of the Rat, because it looks exactly like that. But here in the imperial capital of Cuzco, the shape that some people think they can see in the plan of the city is a puma; that speedy member of the cat family!

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See the Puma's teeth?
High up, about a forty-minute walk up modern city streets and an older Incan pathway, is the ruin of Sacsayhuaman, which actually feels alive with energy. Sacsayhuaman is at the top of a hill overlooking the city, and while you can't really see the puma shape just looking down, the view of the city is incredible. From the air, you can see distinct features: a circular tower on the right is the right eye, a square tower on the left is the left eye, and the teeth are three rows of stone walls that zigzag back and forth twenty-two times. The stone walls are made up of individual stone blocks that weigh from 90 to more than 120 tons, and took 30,000 people 50 years to build!

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People soaking up energy from a white spot on the wall at Sacsayhuaman
Excavations at the site have revealed canals and channels that helped manipulate water around the site and indeed, walking up I passed mini-waterfalls and drainage ditches that flowed through and around modern houses. Also at the site, there is a high hill with religious significance and covered with terraces and labyrinth-type walls. Our guide said that priests would leave items of personal value here in reverence to the gods. A particularly auspicious day was August 1st. There is also a flat, open field, where 45,000 people from all over the world gather for the festival of Inti Raymi to celebrate the summer solstice. Today, however, there were children dressed colorfully asking for small change if you wanted to take their picture.

Visiting the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, one can feel almost a hum in the earth and there seems to be a sense of peace and positive energy. One of the guides showed us a space near the stone "teeth" walls where the rocks where whited out, somewhat in the shape of a woman, and some people could come here and lean against the rock, soaking in the powerful vibrations of long ago. You can feel the puma energy, but you'd have to be in an airplane to get a better view of the puma-shaped city of Cuzco!


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