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The Case of the Slippery Fingers

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Columbia, Cali, Popoyan, Ecuador and Quito
We were warned about thieves when we first arrived in Colombia but we sure didn't expect this! It seems like ladrones (thieves) are hiding in the shadows everywhere. In our first week or so in South America, we have had some of the most exciting (and frustrating) times yet!

This traveling sure gets tiring at times, so we decided to take a rest for a few days in a beautiful town called Popayan. It seemed peaceful enough, but I learned the hard way that it has its share of ladrones. Our room was on the second floor of a hotel and had a small balcony overlooking the street. Since we were on the second floor, I didn't really think twice about leaving my smelly boots out overnight to air out. I was shocked in the morning when I discovered they had disappeared. Someone had scaled up and grabbed them while we slept just inside! I couldn't believe that someone would risk falling or going to jail just to grab my old boots. They were sooooo stinky!

The next day we grabbed a bus for the six-hour ride to the next country, Ecuador. It was a beautiful ride through mountains and trees, even though a lot of trees had been cut down. When we stopped for lunch at a restaurant, some different thieves struck! This time they stole Monica's computer and digital camera by going through her bag while we were sitting outside less than 15 feet away. These thieves sure are daring.

Hopefully, this is the last of the thieves. Otherwise, it is going to be difficult to continue. Right now, I'm going out to buy a sweater since my jacket was stolen, and I guess I'll need some new boots, too, since my toes are a little bit frosty. It sure is cold here at the equator!


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