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Eight Days and Counting - Team Members Missing!

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Map with Panama City, Jaque, Bahia Solano
Well, the good news is that our teammates, Monica, Kavitha and Shawn finally got a boat out of Panama last week. The not so good news is we haven't heard from them since!

Should we be worried? Well, whether we should be or not, WE ARE! Decide for yourselves if you think they're alright.

Here are the facts:

- Their boat left Panama City on Thursday evening, March 24.

- The boat ride from Panama City to Jaque is over 18 hours long, and that's if it didn't make any extra stops. So the soonest they could have arrived was Friday evening, March 25.

- We called the US embassy in Panama and they informed us there are no phones in Jaque. So there was no way for them to contact us until they got to the next town.

- We don't know how long they would have had to wait in Jaque for the next boat, but we had to wait over a week in the San Blas islands in the Caribbean, and there are more boats that go by San Blas than near Jaque. The soonest they could have left Jaque was Saturday, March 27 if there happened to be a boat all ready to go.

- The US embassy in Colombia told us that the next town with phones is Bahia Solano in Colombia. We don't know how long the boat ride is from Jaque to Bahia Solano, but we're guessing about four or five days, because a boat going that way would stop at every little town along the way to buy and sell things. So the earliest they would have arrived there was Wednesday, March 31.

Right now as we write this, it's Friday, April 2 and still no word from them.

The people at the US embassies in both Colombia and Panama assured us that that area is safe if they don't go into the jungle, and nobody has heard any bad news from that area. Actually, they told us the area WE went through is one of the most dangerous in Colombia and we should have been more worried for ourselves than for the others!

But still, we're worried. Did their boat have an accident? Were they robbed? Did somebody kidnap them?

They are probably lazing around on a beach somewhere waiting for the next boat to come along, which could be a whole week more! But how long should we wait before we do something? And what should we do? Go look for them?

Keep your fingers crossed, and we'll let you know next Wednesday if we've heard from them.

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