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March 6, 1999 Update

The Team welcomes a new member, Kevin, and files some of the last dispatches from Guatemala!

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Kevin - La Cucaracha! La Cucaracha!

Kevin recounts his bus journey from Guatemala City to Costa Rica. Learn about his first impressions: border crossings, the effects of Hurricane Mitch and a tour of Managua, Nicaragua. He quickly learns about travel and accommodations in Central America, cockroaches and all.

Kevin - La Cucaracha! La Cucaracha!
(Kids' Version)

This is a briefer version of Kevin's bus trip for younger students. Topics covered include different types of currency, damage caused by Hurricane Mitch and, of course, the huge cockroaches!

Team - I need to be WHERE!?! WHEN!?!

Experience the e-mail alert the trekkers received from the Odyssey last week. Although it's short notice, the opportunity to interview Nobel laureate, Oscar Arias, has arisen. The article describes the challenges of coordinating last minute bus travel from Guatemala to Costa Rica.

Shawn - The Lion, the Witch and the Canoe! (AKA The Canoe Trip Through Time)

Shawn travels across Lago Atitlán on a kayuko, a traditional Mayan canoe which one rows while standing up. He visits the three pyramids of Chutinamit and discusses the architecture and artifacts to be found there.

Monica--Of Gritos and Guerras: Contrast between Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Monica observes a student protest in San José, Costa Rica. She discusses with her Spanish teacher the stark differences between protesting and views of human rights in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Make a Difference!

1) Help save the rainforest! Students are encouraged to write letters in support of the local rainforest communities in northern Guatemala, and against oil drilling concessions.

2) Support efforts to close the School of the Americas! This is the school referred to above, and many members of Congress are joining to close it.

1) Have your students write letters as indicated to the President of Guatemala. Encourage them, or give them time, to research a little more different factors affecting the rainforest, or ways that oil drilling can impact a local environment or community.

2) This issue more than most The Odyssey has covered may not be as obviously a "good thing" for prople to be supporting. The information presented comes from very reliable sources, primary amonng them the School itself. Try having students analyze critically what the people suppporting the bill to close the School are arguing. Have them use these ideas when writing their letters to their own Congresspeople.

3) There is also information about students joining an organized venture to Washington D.C. to lobby their Congresspeople directly. If you are close enough, this will certainly be a very powerful experience. Have students write letters to their Congresspeople about the school.

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