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La Cucaracha! La Cucaracha!
(Kid's Version)

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Kevin fresh off the plane

This last week has been filled with non-stop travel. First, I had a long flight to Guatemala City, and then I met up with Monica and Shawn for an even longer bus ride. Can you imagine being in a bumpy bus for 3 whole days? We have already traveled through five countries - Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica!

Each time we crossed a new border, people came running up to us to exchange money. In my pocket, I have all different types of currency: Guatemalan Quetzals, El Salvadoran colones, Honduran lempiras, Nicaraguan córdobas, and Costa Rican colones. Figuring out the exchange rates can be confusing!

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One of three border crossings!

We spent the nights at inexpensive hotels in three capital cities: San Salvador (El Salvador), Managua (Nicaragua), and San Josť (Costa Rica). I was glad to get off the bus to sleep. The hotel rooms were fairly clean, but we had to share our rooms with ...las cucarachas! The cockroaches didn't bother us too much, but they were huge and ugly. They liked to hang out at night and when we took showers.

Roaches under bed.

During the days, the bus driver drove us down the Transamerican Highway. We had to take some detours because Hurricane Mitch washed away parts of the road and several bridges. It rained so much that it filled up an entire volcano with water! Lots of people were hurt or killed by landslides caused by the terrible floods. The people are working hard to repair the damage caused by the hurricane.

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Sure beats a bus!

I'm having a great time learning about our neighboring countries to the south. Although I have only been on the World Trek for less than a week, I have covered a lot of ground. I've tasted new foods, seen beautiful countryside, and spotted a lot of cockroaches! Now that I have arrived in Costa Rica, I'm glad to have some time to catch my breath and slow down...for now.

Check out all the countries we visited on the Maps page!


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