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Celebrating the Vietnamese in San Francisco
According to the Chinese Calendar, the Year of the Tiger (my year) ended just last week. In celebration of the Vietnamese New Year, I joined several friends in attending a street fair just blocks from my apartment in San Francisco where hundreds of Vietnamese immigrants spent the entire day eating, playing games, lighting firecrackers and observing the holiday traditions in their new land. Naturally, with the World Trek on my mind, I began to wonder about this next year and all of the amazing changes it promises to bring.

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Firecrackers to celebrate the New Year - or maybe to wish me goodluck!
When the Trek began over a month ago I remember feeling fortunate compared to the other Trekkers as they were frantically meeting each other, packing their bags and preparing to leave. As you can imagine, my last month has just flown. At this point, I feel fortunate enough to have an eight-hour flight from Los Angeles to Guatemala City, just to take a deep breath and relax a bit before traveling around the world for two years.  

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Saying Goodbye to the San Francisco Bay!
As I drove down the Pacific Coast Highway in California, I was surprised by how normal everything seems. Waking up today felt basically like waking up any other day. The beautiful coastal scenery of my own state makes me that much more curious about what beauty exists elsewhere in the world. I can hardly believe that I'm not coming back, or at least not the same way, for quite a long time.  

I've been in touch with the other Trekkers and have tried to imagine what it's like to be with them. I even spoke to Jamila last night on the phone and she gave me comforting advice and emphasized above all that I should, "Just have a really great time!" I'm looking forward to seeing Abeja, Kavitha, Monica, and Shawn, getting to know them better and working together as a team.

I sometimes try to imagine what it would have been like if I'd been able to follow a Trek like this over the Internet when I was a young student like most of you. I probably would've thought of the world as being a smaller place. I expect that I would have jumped on opportunities to see the world and change it much sooner. In any case, I'm on my way now and remain ever so hopeful for what the future may bring.


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