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Close Quarters in Todos Santos - Kids Version
Mi familia en Todos Santos.  My family in Todos Santos.

Have any of you ever had to share your room with a brother or a sister? Well many of the kids living in Todos Santos share a room with their whole family! You see, most families live in an adobe hut that only has one room. In the hut where I'm staying live my host mother Eusabia and her two daughters Marisela and Josefe. Marisela is 13 years old and her sister Josefe is only 9. But wait, that's not all. They also share the hut with Eusabia's sister and her little two-year-old son. That makes five people living in one room, not including me. It's amazing that everyone gets along so well!

I think that their secret must have a lot to do with cooperation. For example, they all get up very early every morning to do chores around the house. Marisela spends her days weaving and cooking for her family. She's also in charge of taking care of the animals. She looks after her younger sister Josefe when she comes home from school. Like many of you, Josefe has homework to do. She practices Spanish (remember, their first language is "Mam") and sometimes needs her big sister's help. Marisela corrects Josefe's mistakes and helps her learn new words. The family always eats together in this same room. The cooking is done in the middle of the hut where they all sit around the fire eating with other guests and relatives. With so many people in one room, they may not have a lot of time to be alone, but they do enjoy the time they share together.


Look Mom. . . I cleaned my room!
Marisela in front of the family <i>chu</i>

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