Latin America
The Odyssey
Treasure Hunt
February 10, 1999 Update - Exploring Todos Santos

1. What are three things that made the bus ride to Todos Santos unpleasant for Shawn and Kavitha?
What makes the trip even more unpleasant for the indigenous people?

2. What are the Chuchumatanes, and what makes them unique?

3. What is the name of the indigenous people Shawn and Kavitha are staying with?
BONUS - How many different ethnic groups are there in Guatemala? (The answer is in one of the dispatches this update! Clue -It's the same number as the number of "dialects" (different languages) in Guatemala!)

4. Less than 2% of the Guatemalan population own what portion of the land of the land?

5. What kinds of crops do the large landowners tend to grow?

6. What two things have happend to many of the men in Todos Santos?

7. About how many people live in Todos Santos?

8. Besides agriculture, what is the largest source of income for the people of Todos Santos?

9. How much can a shirt that takes a day to make sell for?
How much can Josephina (who Kavitha is staying with) sell her hundreds of tortillas for each day?

10 What is Defensoria Maya?

11. Why are there so many indigenous people living in Guatemala City?

REFLECTIVE ESSAY. Write two paragraphs about the difficulties that the indigenous of Guatemala experience.
Write one paragraph explaining WHY you think their situation is so difficult.

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