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Klaus Leaves the Team!!!

Jamila and Klaus above it all!
As you read this Klaus is already back in his native Ohio, USA, recuperating from what proved to be an overwhelming 6 weeks with The Odyssey! You may recall that Klaus was not feeling well as he began the Trek, and was very anxious about what to expect and how he would do. Indeed, it was these concerns that led to the Team decision that he should fly from San Diego to Mexico City, to allow him some time to take care of himself before beginning our two-year journey. He was very happy with The Odyssey when it was time to meet people and share his stories, but there are a lot of less pleasant things a Trekker has to do that he decided he wasn't the right person to deal with for two years.

The decision was made just before this Update went live, so we didn't have time to really share our thoughts with you, but check in for next Saturday's Update when we'll explore more of what went on behind the scenes! (The next update goes live at 11pm, PST.)

We wish Klaus all the best, and will thinking of him as we continue the Trek.

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