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Latin America Making a Difference

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Join the first stage of our 2-year trek around the world -
and learn how you can create positive change!

In each of the ten sites we visit we will live and work with community-based organizations to learn about their daily struggles and how they are acting to create positive change in the world. We will share with you their visions of how you can support them in their struggles, as we ll as getting involved in your own community around teh same issues.

In Guatemala we will be working with two different indigenous human rights organizations. GAM was the first human rights organization to organize after the very bloody early 80s. They were formed by families of disapeared persons. Defensoria Maya works with local communities to help train them in their rights and helps them to seek redress over abuses.

As we near Guatemala we will begin to explore ways people have organized around these issues, and on this page, Making A Difference, we will provide meaningful and educational opportunities to get involved.

With so many people making such great sacrifices, withstanding so much, daily creating change in the world, how can we do no less?

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