Latin America
The Odyssey

Treasure Hunt
February 3, 1999 Update

How did the Temple of Inscriptions get its name?

Chac is the Mayan god of what?

How many buildings have not even been excavated in Palenque?

The Maya dominated Central America from when to when?

How many months are there in the Mayan calendar and what is the "uayeb""

What did the Maya have in their math that the Romans never discovered?

What are the three areas of the Classic Maya region, and what are some of the cities in each?

Who were the Toltec, and why were they important in Chichen Itza's history?

Who was Quetzalcoatl and why was he sent away by the Toltecs?

How many steps are there in the pyramid "El Castillo" (also known as the Pyramid Kukulkan) in Chichen Itza and why?

If you visit the Pyramid Kukulkan for either the spring or fall equinox, what might you see?


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