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January 16, 1999 Update

THE TREK BEGINS! We visited several schools as part of our send-off, and for just this update, we step aside and let the students tell what it was like and to offer you an exclusive sneak preview of what we all may learn and experience on the Trek.

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Students - You're Taking THAT Around the World?!?
Time Flies When You're Trekking
Where Do I Sign Up?
I Like You Very Much

The students share their own thoughts on what it was like to meet the Trekkers and what they think will happen.
In "You're Taking THAT Around the World?!?" a student remembers how heavy the pack was.
In "Lions" a student asks if they will see lions in Africa.
In "Time Flies When You're Trekking" a student comments that the two years will be over before they know it.
In "Where Do I Sign Up?" two students share their desire to follow along and someday do a Trek.
In "I Like You Very Much" a student asks why they want to go, but adds that she would like to go too!

The content here is good primarily to help students preview what is coming up and get them excited about the trek. So students of any age can use these as models for writing one sentence to a one-page essay on what they think might happen during the Trek and how they would feel about going on a Trek.


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