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January 12, 1999 Update

Each of us on the Team has a very different background and we've done different things to get to this point. Share with us some of what it's like to prepare for two years around the world!

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Abeja - Busy as a bee!

Abeja writes about what it means to travel and move around in life, as well as what she thinks of the Team.

The primary purpose here is to orient students to what the World Trek is about and to get them to identify with the Team Members. This will make their experience all the more exciting and relevant. So the most important activity at this point would be to have students either write brief essays, or share with the class, who they like the most, or who they think they are most alike. A second, follow-up topic, would be whether the students themselves would like to do a World Trek.
Jamila - Ready for the Road!

Jamila writes a little about San Francisco and shares her hopes for what The Odyssey can do in the world.

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Monica - Picking up where we left off

Monica looks back to her experience with The Odyssey's pilot Trek to Mexico, and previews the service work she will be doing, as well as gives a brief glimpse into Gutaemalan ethnic groups.

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Kavitha - Two Years Ago and Ahead

Kavitha has been with The Odyssey the longest, helping to launch it starting over two years ago. She reflects on what it has been like and all the little things she has left to do.

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Klaus - World Trek is Go!

Klaus has given up the most to be part of the Trek, so his actions just prior to departure are the most significant materially.

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Shawn - Personal Check-in...Equipment Check Later

Shan also harks back to the Mexico Trek, and shares some of what he will miss.

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