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In the Words of Our Constituency:
some initial feedback from teachers, students, and communities abroad

This is a really cool site!!!!!!!
Luke (student comment on The Odyssey Discussion Board)

"[I was] a little bit nervous as this is the first time I've had the opportunity to talk on the Internet... I think that this program makes The Odyssey a global service to education, very innovative, very important, and it puts the Internet and technology to the service of education. I think this is one of the demands that we have made for many years, that technology be at the service of youth in a positive sense; that it be at the service of learning and at the service of a multicultural/multidisciplinary relationship in the area of education."
Rigoberta Menchu, 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

I would love to take the chance to tell you what a fabulous site and innovation you have underway... I wish you could have had a reverse camera back to you with the images of my kids faces with Rigoberta on the screen, right in our classroom... it was close to spiritual! You should have been a fly on the wall for that class discussion... it would have brought tears! And so at this point, I feel that a simple thank you just isn't enough, but it will have to do for now!
Melissa Beudreau, 4th Grade Teacher, Campbellville, Ontario, Canada

The Odyssey has opened up the world for my girls ages 13 and 6. My 13-year-old went from hating anything to do with history, geography, and social studies to reading everything she can get her hands on...

Thank you so much for everything this past year. It has really been great and I pray that this is only the beginning.
Kathryn Culp, Homeschooler

The Odyssey has been such an inspiration, and positive reinforcement about what is truly important in life, awareness, understanding, and how to create change.
Jamila Banks, 2nd Grade Teacher, LA, CA

What unbelievable joy it was to stumble upon your site!... Thanks for all the effort that went into making this site. It is people like you who make teachers like me able to enhance our lessons like never before. Mil gracias!!
Laureen Shinn, Spanish Teacher, Horace Mann Middle School, Denver, CO

If I were to evaluate this website I would truthfully give it a 10. There was so much information that I could not read it all here at school, so I went home and read everything else. Everything that you guys talked about is so well detailed about where you are, and how you guys explain things makes me want to be there and see for myself. I think this is a great thing you guys are doing...
Jessica Jimenez, 12th grade, Barnwell H.S., Burton, SC

The Odyssey is the single best reason I have found for a teacher to use the Internet... Thank you for providing this valuable tool.
Troy Garner, History Teacher, San Francisco, CA

You guys are awesome!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!
Tony Byrd, Martiun H. Farnham School, San Jose, CA

It is one of the most engaging interactive tools I've ever used and the students love the stories! I give it a 10.
Barbara Eibell, 5th Grade Spanish, E.A. Tighe School, Margate City, NJ

My students loved the pictures.!! They learn something new each time.
DDiRenzo, 2nd Grade, Cherry Hill

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