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Shawn Sullivan

  • Network Engineer

  • Self-employed Publisher

  • Contract Technician

  • System Administrator

  • Environmental and Social Justice organizer

A devoted environmental and social justice activist, Shawn organizes and manages a number of grassroots campaigns. He has spent months living in rain-forests and mountain trekking, and is a skilled climber and wilderness guide.

Growing up in the placid, scenic foothills of the Colorado Rockies and the frantic but also scenic city of New York, Shawn learned to love and explore nature, and at the same time gained exposure to culture. Challenging himself professionally and socially, he has contracted in both the computer and publishing industries, and pursued a number of social causes. Working diligently, he has organized grassroots environmental and social campaigns primarily for deforestation and indigenous land rights issues. This diversity has allowed him to fully develop and broaden his skills in everything from web design to mountaineering.

Shawn is dedicated to using the Internet to stimulate social change, and loves learning and exploring different cultures. He believes that educating children is essential to achieving sustainability in the next century.

A multifaceted musician who loves cooking, learning new things, and traveling, Shawn has studied a variety of subjects on his own initiative including philosophy, religion, literature, computers, and nutrition. He believes the Internet is clearly the best tool available for uniting the children of the world and giving them the information they will need to understand and solve the complex problems we face.

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