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Kevin Maes

  • acting, singing, and dancing in plays and musicals

  • singing in choirs and solo recitals around the Philadelphia area

  • acting in films to earn extra money while still in college

  • working in international youth hostels in Paris and San Francisco

  • tutoring English to the mother of a Vietnamese family and preparing Russian Jewish senior citizens to pass their citizenship exams in San Francisco

  • working at the Visitor Information Center of San Francisco where thousands of tourists from the US and abroad come each year to find their way to all of the fun the city has to offer

  • directing a multigenerational volunteer program at the Visitor Information Center for local residents who are eager to greet visitors

  • traveling and meeting countless people from around the world

Kevin was born in Vietnam near the end of the war and was adopted by an American family when he was about 10 months old. His first intercontinental travel experience was in 1975 when he was lucky enough to make the last plane carrying orphans out of Vietnam. He grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia with his younger sister Marla.

As a child Kevin always enjoyed reading books and his favorite hobbies were playing chess and baseball. He began taking piano lessons and singing in school which led him to study and appreciate music until this day. Kevin has also acted in plays and musicals both in schools and in the community where he grew up. This eventually introduced him to the world of opera which Kevin studied in college and has a particular passion for.

Kevin has always had an interest in learning foreign languages. He studied French and Italian in school and lived in Paris for nearly a year. While living in San Francisco Kevin learned Spanish which he found very useful during the Latin America stage of the World Trek. His understanding of learning new languages has motivated him to teach English to speakers of other languages. Kevin is currently studying Hebrew.

In the past five years Kevin has become acquainted with traveling and the Internet and is extremely happy to be combining the two while working with The Odyssey. He firmly believes that information should be put out there for everyone to access regardless of one’s financial or geographical circumstances. Kevin hopes that the World Trek will encourage people everywhere to get to know their global neighbors in an attempt to create a constructive dialogue…one that will last well into the new millennium.

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