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Jasmine Brion Chatman-Hamlett

  • BS in Public Policy Management and Planning from the School of Policy Planning and Development, University of Southern California (1999)

  • Taught middle school children computer aided graphic design and ceramics at New Roads Middle School in Los Angeles (1998-1999)

  • Helped organize the 48th District 9th Annual Honors Luncheon, hosted by Assemblyman Rod Wright at USC. This event honors the outstanding students from middle school, high school and adult school for their accomplishments. (California State Assembly, 1999)

  • Community outreach and Get-Out-The Vote Campaign Coordinator for the California Democratic Coordinated Campaign, “Victory ‘98” during the last state election (1998)

  • Traveled to Korea on the Korean Friendship Tour with the Korean Consulate to participate in a race-relations summit on African-American and Korean-American relations in the US (1997)

  • Marched to the state capital to raise support for minorities and affirmative action in the Save The Date march and rally (1996)

  • Helped young people in South Central Los Angeles form a youth task force called AGENDA for Action Among Youth through a local organization called Action for Grassroots Empowerment and Neighborhood Development (1994-1996)

Jasmine is known for her bright, friendly personality and her even brighter “Colgate” smile. And if you ask her why she’s so happy, she’ll explain how she has a lot to smile about. She’s a recent USC grad and is very hopeful that she can change the world. She studied Public policy with an emphasis on educational policy because at an early age she realized the power of knowledge and education. She is concerned that all children, no matter race, or class, receive the best education and that schools are equipped to provide for the changing needs of our children.

Jasmine is very family oriented and attributes her spirit of love to her grandmother, Betty, who is better known as Honey because she’s “the sweetest thing you ever met.” She attributes her love for children to her grandparents who raised Jasmine, her sisters, her cousins and the 36 foster children whom were welcomed into their home over the years. Of all of her many roles Jasmine loves being a big sister. She’s the oldest of three girls and has seven stepbrothers, five younger sisters, and four younger cousins who are like siblings.

Jasmine often says that “life is a work of art and the world is life’s museum.” She shares that there are no two people who are exactly the same, even twins are distinctly different from one another. And these unique qualities and talents should be celebrated and shared. While we’re here on earth each of our lives paint a wonderful masterpiece, what story does your life tell? A picture is worth a thousand words and Jasmine hopes to be remembered by words like dedicated, loving, giving, wise, virtuous, adventurous and kind.

Jasmine marvels at the wonderful gifts nature has given the world: the beach, the countryside, the mountains, fields of wild flowers, bright starry skies, forests and trees that touch the heavens. She is also an adrenaline junky who will do anything “safe” for the rush. She’s bungy jumped twice, both times with her sister, Krystal, and looks forward to skydiving, and cliff diving. Jasmine loves chocolate and ice cream and makes a killer strawberry cheesecake.

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