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The Odyssey World Trek
Taking youth and educators
around the world to create change -- via the Internet!

Odyssey World Trek The Odyssey is an Internet-based non-profit. Our mission is to promote global awareness among youth and involve them in activities to create positive change in the world.

Our current major project, the World Trek, began in January of 1999 and takes students on an otherwise impossible field trip - a two-year Trek around the world. More than 1300 classes in over 80 countries are traveling the world via The Odyssey website, their connection to a Team of five educators doing a real two-year World Trek. The Team is visiting ten major non-western countries to document their histories and cultures : Guatemala, Peru, Zimbabwe, Mali, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Iran, India, and China.

The photos, video, audio, and text they capture are posted on the website twice a week for students to follow along, free of charge. Students can also interact with the Team and prominent local figures such as Nobel Peace Prize Laureates via chats, e-mail, polls, and discussion boards.

We invite you to learn more about the program and join us on the Trek!

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