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Did You Know?

  • Within six months of program launch, The Odyssey has already brought three Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, seven Goldman Environmental Prizewinners, and a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa into classrooms around the world via video and audio!
  • Teachers are already asking for a European and a US Trek as a followup.
  • More than 1000 teachers have already used The Odyssey
  • The Odyssey website has been used by people in over 75 countries
  • The Odyssey is one of the top-recommended social studies sites on the New York Times Learning Network, has been the exclusive Featured Site on the Microsoft Encarta Online website for six months, and is one of the top-recommended sites on the Global Schoolhouse.
The Organization:
  • Over 1900 people have applied to be on the World Trek Team
  • The current team consists of an educator, an environmental activist, a youth worker, a systems networker, a software designer, and an opera singer
  • The Odyssey has no overhead - we are 100% volunteer-run and spend no money on marketing or fundraising
  • The Odyssey has grown rapidly - it was incorporated in October of 1997 and the World Trek just began January 15 of 1999
The Stages of the World Trek:

Completed: Fall, 1998 - Mexico Trek

Completed: Spring, 1999
Latin America Trek

Antigua, Guatemala
Cuzco, Peru

Summer/Fall, 1999
Africa Trek

Bamako, Mali
Harare, Zimbabwe
Cairo, Egypt

Winter/Spring, 2000
Middle East Trek

Jerusalem, Israel
Istanbul, Turkey
Tehran, Iran

Summer/Fall, 2000
India to China Trek

New Delhi, India
Xi'an, China

Odyssey Support:
  • Viant Corporation - Providing office space, Web support, portable computers
  • Eastman Kodak - Providing the World Trek Team's digital cameras
  • Webcast Solutions - Sponsoring and coordinating the live webcasts from each site
  • The Walter and Elise Haas Fund - Underwriting the Education Program
  • Best Internet Communications - Hosting The Odyssey website
  • Patagonia - Outfitting the World Trek Team
  • The Public Relations Society of America - Coordinating The Odyssey's PR campaign
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