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The Team in China
(June 28, 2000 - August 2, 2000)

June 28, 2000: Saying Good Bye, Saying Hello, And Entering into The People's Republic of China
  • It's the beginning of the end! The last Trek Stage has begun
  • What a fortune cookie won't tell you is...
  • China's view on religion
July 1, 2000: From Imperial Dynasties to Transcontinental Train Rides, China's Wonders Are Revealed
  • The rise and fall of China's royal dynasties
  • The greatest Buddha of them all...
  • China says "Bai-Bai" to cultural repression
  • Takin' the choo-choo across China...
July 8, 2000: Trekking Through China's Traditional Towns and Polluted City Streets
  • The rise and demise of empires... and dreadlocks
  • Returning to the days of old
  • Paying the price for economic growth...
July 12, 2000: Lounging, Shopping, and Cycling Around: What to do with your free time in China!
  • Spend, spend, spend... why is everybody buying things?
  • Go for a twirl on the back of Abeja's bicycle
  • Where have all the pandas gone?
July 15, 2000: Relatives, Religion and Revolution: The China Trek Continues
  • The Tao of the trek
  • China's great southern capital
  • Hong Kong's shiny future and sordid past
  • China's Cultural Revolution... a revolution against culture
  • We are family!
July 19, 2000: Fire-breathing Reptile ahead! Get in the Boat, Young Explorer!
  • Come and float with me…adventures on the Yangzi River
  • Go east, young man! Marco Polo's explorations in China
  • Marching towards change: the Cultural Revolution through the eyes of the Red Guards
July 22, 2000: Fighting, Warfare, and Climbing the Mountain: The Trek's Women Warriors Conquer China
  • These terracotta soldiers fight (even if their legs are made of clay)
  • Painful memories about the invasion in Nanjing
  • Visiting the dorms at the local college
July 26, 2000: The Trekkers Hit Beijing: Dining, Philosophizing and Kung-Fu Chopping
  • Learning kung-fu the Chinese way
  • A down-home bug BBQ! A Chinese feast with legs!
  • Confucius say, "take the survey and see if you follow my ways"
July 29, 2000: Tearing Down Old Ideas and Building New in Communist China
  • Soccer and Chinese history: more in common than you think
  • Think your life is difficult? Just check these rural Chinese teens out!
August 2, 2000: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been - But Totally Worth It!
  • 555 days of sights, sounds and wild experiences from all over the world
  • A sad farewell to old friends, but a new and exciting beginning
  • Looking back and forging ahead. Keep on trekking with us in the USA!

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