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"We're Comin' to America! What Next?? " August 2, 2000

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The Odyssey was special for me, but I also think that each of us is on a personal Odyssey: that of our own lives. Think about it. You are who you are because of all the things you've done and learned up to this point. Each day of your life is like a present. That's what I think when people say, "there's no time like the present!"


envision - imagine

What lessons have you learned today? What do you dream about? The main lesson I have learned from the Odyssey is: Dare to dream!

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The US Trek!
We trekkers have found that, all across the globe, there are wonderful people who envision a better world. These people work hard to make that come true. You can be one of these people. Don't worry about what the "rest of the world" might think. You WILL make a difference.

No one knows what the future holds, but if you act like each new day is a gift then you'll realize how important it really is. You are unique and special. You make a difference. Now go out there and do it!


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