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August 2, 2000

We've seen a lot during these past years trekking around the world, from people eating worms to a five-member family riding one motorcycle together! But I think we've arrived in our strangest country yet. People on the street here will smile, as if you know them. Stores are filled with lots of stuff! Abeja, Jasmine, Monica and I can walk down the street without attracting any attention at all!

What kind of strange country is this, you ask?!

After 555 days of trekking from continent to continent...through vast deserts, impassable jungles, and high mountains..... we have arrived here...right back where we started.

That's right, WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're back in this strange and beautiful land called the United States of America.

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It has been so wonderful to eat all my favorite foods again, to listen to all the music I've been missing, and visit all the beautiful places I used to know and love. Of course, the best part about being home has been seeing all my old friends and family. Exactly 555 days is a long time to go without seeing your mom!

The trip was amazing. It was phenomenal. I once lived in a village in Peru with the Andes mountains behind me. One time we were treated like princesses while staying with a sweet family in Morocco. And who could forget the thrill of conducting a live webcast interview with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Rigoberta Menchu?

Or the time I faced hungry hippos and waded through crocodile filled swamps in Zimbabwe....?!? This journey is was all that and much, much more.

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We have been unbelievably lucky to take this amazing journey. My hope is that if you are reading this, you too realize just how lucky you have been. The Internet makes communication between people on opposite ends of the earth possible! Just imagine what else is possible. If there is one thing I have learned during the past 555 days, it's that the world is not such a big place after all.


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