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Finding the Confucian in you!
July 26, 2000

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YY in front of Confucius' tomb in Qufu
Take the survey quiz below to learn more about the teachings of Confucius and to find out whether YOU are following his lessons in your own life…

1. You're sitting on a crowded bus, feeling completely exhausted after running errands all over town. At the next stop, you notice a mother stepping on to the bus, holding a baby in her arms. She walks toward your end of the bus, looking around for an empty seat. What do you do?

a) Give dirty looks to the person sitting on your right for not offering his seat to the mother and her baby. After all, he doesn't look like he walked all over town today running errands.

b) Offer to put her baby on your lap so that she can have a break from holding her baby.

c) Stand up right away and offer your seat to the mother and her baby.

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Design on roof of pavilion where Confucius taught his disciples
2. You're having a great time hanging out with some friends at the beach and suddenly remember that your mom gave you a 10 o'clock curfew. You look at your watch and see that it's now 9:15 p.m., which gives you just enough time to make it home by 10 p.m. if you were to leave right now. But, you're having a lot of fun and don't want to go home yet. What do you do?

a) Call home and ask if you can stay out for just one more hour.

b) Say good night to your friends and start heading straight home.

c) Realize that your mom is in bed already and won't even know what time you end up getting home. You decide to stay out with your friends and sneak quietly back into the house a few hours after your curfew.

3. You're at a party with a bunch of kids from school and your favorite slow song is about to come on. You look around the room, wondering who you're going to dance with, and then you notice two guys heading your way. Who do you end up dancing with?

a) The cute boy that all of your friends are totally crazy about and you just can't wait to have everyone see you dancing with him.

b) The guy from your math class that you've secretly had a crush on. He's been so nice to help you with homework problems but your friends think is kind of geeky.

c) Neither. Both of them were heading towards the punch bowl behind you.

4. You promised your best friend that you would bring him a cool souvenir back from your trip to China. Today is your last day in China, and you realize that you still haven't picked out anything. What do you do?

a) Decide to pick up something for him from Chinatown (back in San Francisco) when you get back. You figure that all Chinese souvenirs look the same anyway so he'll never know whether you actually bought it in China or not.

b) Spend the last day of your vacation in China running all over town, looking for the perfect souvenir that you know he will just love.

c) Go home empty-handed, telling him you ran out of money because you spent it all on yummy Chinese food.

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YY in front of main hall (Dacheng Hall) in Confucius Temple, Qufu

Take a tour through the slums of Yamana Pushta.

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5. A small group of tourists approaches you on the sidewalk and asks how to get to the local art museum. You're in a hurry to get to your friend's house, which is in a located in a different part of town, but you realize how complicated it is to get to the museum from where you are now. What do you do?

a) Point the tourists in the right, general direction and tell them to ask someone else a few blocks later.

b) Tell them you're from out of town as well and you have no idea where the museum is.

c) Decide to take a little detour on your way to your friend's house and walk them to the art museum. It's too complicated to explain how to get there and they would probably get lost. They did, after all, forget to bring their Lonely Planet guidebooks.

6. You're far away from home at college and are feeling kind of stressed out about all the exams you have coming up. You look over at the picture of your parents on your desk and realize how homesick you have been feeling all semester long. What do you do?

a) Get back to your studying so that you can finish your semester with good grades and make your parents proud.

b) Surprise your parents with a phone call to remind them of how much you miss and love them.

c) Decide to drop out of school and transfer to another university, which is less academically rigorous and much closer to home. This way, you can live at home and be close to your parents again.

Click here to score yourself against what Confucius would have done.

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