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Confucius Says: Welcome to China
June 28, 2000

The team has arrived in China! Even though I have been to over 30 countries on the World Trek, I still get excited and nervous with each new place. I was a little worried about travelling here. It is the most populated country in the world. But I know very little about it.

What will it be like? Are the people nice? I don't speak Chinese! Will I be able to find food I like? Will there be Internet cafés?

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Yang-Yang helps us navigate the efficient bus system home.
But my concerns disappeared as soon as we met Yang-Yang at the Kunming Airport. She is the newest member of the team. Her name is pronounced Young-Young. She is the baby of the team! She is also Chinese and speaks Chinese. She was able to help us through the airport and to the hotel. I think the team could have managed without a Chinese speaker, but it was nice to have the help.

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Cyclists like Skittles rolling by...
I looked outside of my hotel room window. I watch the busy streets below, as a few cars and hundreds of bicycles speed by. All the cyclists have the same style of raincoat, but each one is a different, bright color. It's like Skittles candies are rolling endlessly past.

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Taking a break with the locals.
After checking into the hotel we went to the market to explore. "It's just like Chinatown, only bigger!" I laughed. The market was full of things we could not identify. There were eggs soaking in tubs of strange liquids, noodles of every shape and size, and entire stores full of nothing but tea.

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In China, this is just a restaurant, not a 'Chinese restaurant.'
We ate a wonderful lunch in a small restaurant. "When I was a kid, I thought that if I dug a hole deep enough, it would come out in China!" Kavitha laughed. "I used to LOVE sweet and sour pork and pu-pu platters!" I said. "When we were kids, if you could use your chopsticks right, you were the bomb!" Jasmine added.

"Hey!" Kavitha said when the bill came, "Where are the fortune cookies?"

"That's not really Chinese!" Yang-Yang laughed. So we set out to find something yummy for dessert that really is Chinese. I think I'm going to like it here!


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