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India and China
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Monica's Farewell : Trekking Out of India
June 28, 2000

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Monica's goin' home!
When Trekker Kevin and I were hanging out in Zimbabwe, we watched "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" a couple times, and we would always swap lines while going on bus rides or trekking together. One of those lines is Jar-Jar Binks saying, "We's a goin' HOME!!!"

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I'm taking with me memories of great friends like Jasmine.
I keep thinking about that phrase lately. These last few days in Calcutta, India have been difficult for me as I say farewell to the people I have lived with, worked with, and loved for the last year and a half: the trekkers. Yup, I'm a goin' HOME!!! The rest of the trekkers will continue through Thailand and China. My plan is to visit my extended family in the Philippines. Then, I'll be spending time with someone I love, as well as with my family. Afterwards, I'll meet the World Trek team in San Francisco when they come back from their travels.

When Kevin stayed behind in Israel, and when Brian left after Iran, it was sad for me. It was just as bad when Shawn returned to the United States from Zimbabwe. One of the saddest farewells for me was saying goodbye to Trekker Jamila, a few weeks after Trekker Klaus left us in Guatemala. I felt quite close to Trekker Silvia during our very first Mexico Trek, and her departure before the World Trek also made me sad.

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My ticket to ride
However, the sadness and exhaustion that I feel at leaving is combined with a feeling of anticipation and excitement for the new stages that the World Trek, and the upcoming United States Trek will bring you.

Do our dispatches challenge you? Do they make the world seem real and alive to you? Do you become angry at the injustices we've covered? Do you find inspiration in the actions that individuals like yourself do around the world to make our planet and our shared global community a better place?


injustices - situations that are not fair
inspiration - anything that makes you want to do something good

This trip made me think about myself, and it made me think about things that are important to me. This trip also made me realize that what I do makes a difference. What YOU do makes a difference, too. The World Trek is not something that's only for trekkers. You, too, can travel and educate yourself about different people and different places. You, too, can identify problems or needs in your community, and you CAN bring about positive change. Believe me!

Keep me posted on the things you're doing, seeing, exploring, and learning. In the meantime, I'd enjoy hearing from you. Keep on making the world a better place. Keep on challenging yourself. Keep on inspiring me. Keep on trekkin'.


p.s. - Please e-mail me at

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