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We're In Thailand, What's the Scoop?!?
June 21, 2000

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I figured a visit to the ancient capital of Ayuthaya would give us some insight. Let's go!
We just arrived in Thailand, an ancient country with old temples and palaces to explore. Today the capital of Thailand is Bangkok, but we are going to visit the ruins of the old capital of Thailand first. We leave Bangkok early in the morning and take a busy to the ruins. This place is called Ayuthaya and it was built in 1350 AD by King U-Thong. Ayuthaya was built at the place where three rivers met. Because of the rivers, it was a center of trading for many people. There were wonderful markets on these rivers where food, crafts, and valuables were exchanged.

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Dressed like princesses!
The main attraction in Ayuthaya is the palace where we go first. At the gates of the palace, women dressed in traditional royal dresses welcomed us. The ancient palace had five different buildings with beautiful gardens. The royal family lived in some rooms, guests stayed in others, and eating and parties took place in other rooms. Ayuthaya served as the capital city for some 417 years for over 30 kings. It was the location of much wealth and power during this time. Then in 1776, the Burmese army destroyed the city. The Burmese were neighbors to the Thais who lived in the North and came down to take power over this land and its people.

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These Buddhas are over 30 meters tall
The beautifully designed temples of the city are wonderful treasures. The temples are Buddhist monasteries. Many of the temples have large sculptures of Buddhas that are golden and very, very large. And still in Bangkok, there is Buddha that is twice as tall as the tallest one here! Thai people still worship in these temples by praying and lighting candles.

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This amazing temple is floating!
The capital city was eventually reestablished in Bangkok, but the ancient remains of Ayuthaya are anything but forgotten because of their beauty. It's time to leave Ayuthaya, but we are going to Bangkok, today's capital!


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