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The Road to Enlightenment
May 31, 2000

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Avi, Amanda and Liz have come from far away to learn more about yoga and meditation here in Rishikesh
Do you believe in magic? In the United States we believe in science and reason. We believe that humans can't perform magic, but in India where the trekkers are, some people do believe in magic. And some people maybe make magic happen. Only they wouldn't call it magic.

Do you want to walk on water? Would you like to walk through walls? In India, there are wise men called yogis who sit and think hard about many questions. They think about questions about life. These yogis can sometimes do amazing, magical things. People love to sit and watch yogis as they do wonderful acts like acrobats or sorcerers or fairies. My sister and I saw a few yogis in Rishikesh.

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A man dressed as Hanuman, the Monkey God, is one of the many odd attractions you can find in Rishikesh
Some of these yogis can fly and float above people. Some can be in two places at once. Some can make objects appear out of thin air. Some can predict the future. Although we didn't see any of these things happen, you are probably wondering how do they could happen. The yogis say that they concentrate very hard and are in tune with the world. They say that there is energy that we can't see or hear, but that helps them do wonderful things.

Some yogis think it is silly to try to walk on water or predict the future. They say is better to think about how to be happy and how to lead an honorable life. Here is a tale about this:

One day a wandering wise man came to Buddha (an Indian god) who was sitting under a tree by a river. The man said, "I have heard incredible stories of your enlightenment, so do something to prove your powers to me."

Buddha just smiled and continued to sit and think. Finally the man became impatient and asked, "Can you do this?" The man then floated over the ground and flew to the other side of the river. He touched the ground and then flew back to Buddha. Buddha then got up, went over to a fisherman, got in the boat, and rowed across the river. Buddha touched the ground and then rowed back. Buddha then sat in front of the man and asked him, "Why do you waste your time on such tricks that you can easily achieve with a few cents? Go spend your time thinking about important questions. You will fly much higher, and go much farther."

Do you agree with Buddha? What is important to think about? What is important to do? Does magic exist?


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