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Things to Do Today: Wake Up Early, Cover Head with Shawl, Meet God…
May 24, 2000

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No pictures are allowed during the service, but most stay long after Sai Baba is gone to dwell in his glow
What does God look like? Is he tall? Is he short? Is he skinny? Is he fat? Does he have a long beard? Is he a he? Is he a she?!?

Lots of people think they won't find out what God looks like until they die and go to Heaven. But some people believe God is here now, and that they can visit him when he's in town.

Guess who got to visit God? Yup! Your friend Jasmine!

I went to Whitefield, a very special place in India where people went to meet a man named Sai Baba. There were thousands of people there, all lined up to enter a huge tent where Sai Baba was going to show up.

After we got inside, we sat Indian-style on the floor. A woman next to me began passing around a small tin. People dipped their fingers in, touched their tongues and smudged something all over their foreheads.

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We were just in the presence of God
When it came to me, I smiled and said, "No, thanks," but this woman wouldn't take "no" for an answer! She pushed the tin closer and said, "Vibbuhti! Vibbuhti!"

OK, OK! I dipped my fingers in and rubbed some on my forehead. Then I remembered that this was the magical dust people say Sai Baba makes to bless his followers…

Who is Sai Baba? Well, some people say he's God in human form, here on earth. And that's who we were all there to see.

But he didn't look anything like I thought God would look! He was kind of funny looking, and his hair was big and wirey! He didn't say anything either, but just moved around the tent, smiling, stretching out his hands and taking some of the gifts people offered.

People chanted as he walked slowly around, and fell at his feet after giving him gifts. This isn't what I thought God would look like, or act like, but all of these people believe they were in the same big tent with God. They say he heals people and changes their lives. He made a lot of people very, very happy that day.

Do you think he could be God?


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