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Cow-Hippie-Gypsy Market
May 24, 2000

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India is a very large country with beautiful beaches and blue, warm waters. In the state of Goa there is a very special beach called Arunbol on the Arabian Sea. On this special beach is a magical market and party called Anjuna. To get to the wonderful party, a man must row you in a boat to a secret place where people from all over the world are waiting. They greet you and you celebrate together. There were young and old people from America and Europe who used to be hippies, or people seeking freedom and a simpler way to live. Then there were Indians and other Asians who lived there and hoped to make some money by selling things to the richer people.

When we arrived at this market we felt like flying on a margic carpet so we could see everything. Indians burned sticks that smelled like jasmine flowers. The food smelled sweet from the spices. We ate fish and curry with strong flavors and a yummy potato fried in dough, and a sweet yogurt drink called a lassie. We ate mango, pineapple, and coconut which melted on our tongues. Music was playing everywhere on the beach. Sweet songs that make you want to dance. People danced all day and all night and smiled a lot when they didn't speak the same language.

Indians, Tibetans, Gypsies, and other people sold arts and crafts in beautiful shapes and colors. Jewelry and art was everywhere like waves of color. Indian children pulled on your sleeves asking you to buy things. Gypsy women tried to paint on your hands. We met two nice young men who lived there. Everyday they sat on the beach, and every night they slept on the sand. They fell asleep to the sound of the waves. To them it was paradise! One of them told my fortune. He said I would have good luck. I think I already had good luck to be in this beautiful, special place.


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