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Let's Hope Elephants Never Forget!
May 17, 2000


Guess what, kids? I am going to be rich and lead a very happy life! How do I know? An elephant told me!

Well, OK, maybe she didn't tell me exactly. But Lexmi, my new best friend here in Hampi, India, gave me her special blessing.

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The great Virupaksha Temple stands almost 50 meters high dominating the western skyline of the village.

I found her at the great Virupaksha Temple which is the biggest building in town. It is dedicated to Shiva, the Hindu god of creation.

I had to take off my shoes and stand in a long line of people waiting to go inside the temple. They carried baskets of coconuts, bananas and flowers to be blessed by Shiva.

After that, people prayed and drank holy water, and then they went outside . That's where I met Lexmi.

She's huge and black and good at her job, which is to take offerings people make. I wanted to give a little money so Lexmi reached out her trunk, took the money out of my hand and gave it to a priest standing near her!

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Our morning of prayer was not complete until we stood in line to receive a final blessing from an elephant named Lexmi, after the Hindu goddess of wealth.

Then Lexmi swung her trunk back to me and put it on top of my head! This is how she blessed me for a rich and happy life.

They say elephants never forget- maybe Lexmi will remember me!


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