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The Lovely and Legendary Ms. Suneeta Rao

Topping the charts, but on the Indian horizon, is Ms. Suneeta Rao. She is better known in India as Paree, or Fairy. And if you get the chance to see her perform, you might think she was one with her fiery energy, glamorous style, and beautiful voice.

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Underneath pictures on her father's mantle from her younger days in the studio are a few of the magazine covers on which Suneeta has appeared.
And how did we get in contact with this Hindi pop diva? Well, she came highly recommended as a down-to-earth, intelligent and gifted woman (and the best cousin in the whole world) by her cousin and fan Kavitha. Yes, Odyssey World trekker Kavitha Rao! So, we headed for the hills, Pali Hills that is, to find this super diva. Over delicious mangoes on her apartment balcony she told us about family, music, and loving what you do. Sad that she wasn't able to see Kavitha, who is up in North India, I whipped out a picture of us all from Thanksgiving in Egypt.

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Suneeta lives high in the hills but she is very down to earth, humble, and excited for the opportunity to share her Indian heritage with the music world.
We actually caught Suneeta on her way to the gym to workout. I can only imagine the routine it takes to keep up the rigorous stage show that fans adore. Much of her time and energy has been dedicated to a live theatrical performance that she's recently undertaken. Music is her career but performance is her passion. She may very well be setting the scene by getting ready for when the big Hindi film role offer comes knocking on her door.

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Suneeta, with her biggest fans (after Trekker Kavitha) Mom and Dad.
In the mean time Suneeta is busy, successful and looking forward to creating more Hindi pop for all of her fans. You can check out her tunes at http://jukebox.indiatimes
. Check out the tune "Paree", my favorite from the album "Dhuaan", which means Smoke.


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