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Indiana Jazz and the Temple of Doom
May 6, 2000

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Gateway to India

One day I visited Elephanta, an island near Mumbai in India. This island has an old, spooky temple in a cave that's dedicated to an Indian god, Shiva. So I set out looking for adventure, like Indiana Jones!


The island is named for a big stone carving of an elephant, but there were lots of other animals there too- lots and lots of monkeys sitting in the trees.

As I climbed up the stairs towards the temple, the monkeys started shaking the branches of the trees over my head.

I imagined them growling and angry, about to attack us, so I thought I'd take out my bullwhip, like Indiana Jones, and protect myself.

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These monkeys look calm, but I am afraid that they might attack!

But no. They weren't really interested in me. The monkeys were just feeding their babies and picking bugs off of each other.

Next I reached the deep, dark cave. Inside were paintings of ancient gods, and a giant three-headed statue of Shiva, an important god for Hindus.

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Monkeys dart in and out of the temple. Can you see them?

I imagined that the statue had shiny emeralds in its eyes and, like Indiana Jones, I was trying to keep the bad guys from stealing them. Suddenly, a monkey jumped up and took one of the emeralds, and a huge boulder fell from the ceiling and started rolling towards me. Run! Run! We have to get out of here!

Whew! That was close. I guess my imagination got a little carried away there. I walked back out into the sun and took a deep breath.

That Indiana Jones stuff only happens in the movies . . . I think!


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