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Multimedia and Special Guests

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"A musical tour of Luxor" Egypt's beauty and vitality shine at the ruins of Luxor and in a modern market


"Marrakech: a princess's paradise " What is the Marrakech market all about?

"It's the Casablanca market! " Abeja gives us a tour of the colorful items for sale.


"Mouride boys " See and hear the beautiful sounds of young Mouride boys singing about Allah.

"Diggin' the Drums!" Listen to our friends Pap, first on djimbe, then together with Mamdou on balafon and Boacar tapping the back of the bongo.

"Kevin's become a nomadic tribesman!" Will he live off the land and finally learn how to ride a camel?

"It's life on the Niger!" What do you do when you're living on a river?

"We're on a boat to somewhere!" Find out what the boat ride to Timbuktu is all about.

Listen to a class of students singing verses from the Koran - all at once! - in "Myths and History from Outside the Mosque"
Hear the Muslim call to prayer, sung throughout Bamako 5 times a day, in "Muslim Devotion."

How's your Bambara? Your French? Your English? We've got them all for you right here, in "Which Language Do We Speak Today?."

Listen to the sounds of drumming and singing in Abeja's "Traveling in Fairyland."

South Africa
Let the students of Sinethemba High School wow you with their powerful voices in "Back to School with Kavitha and Monica."

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