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Paint a Perfect Picture
July 10, 1999

Everyone knows how good advertising billboards can catch our eye. Wouldn't it be great if some of these ads were aimed at making people more aware of AIDS and HIV? Here's an art project you can do to test your creativity and educate both yourself and others about AIDS.

Shouting from the Mountaintops to Raise Rape Awareness!
July 17, 1999

Support rape victims in your community, and prevent it from happening in the future.

Recycling Helps Mother Earth
July 28, 1999

In Zimbabwe, all soda comes in glass bottles instead of aluminum cans. The strict exchange of bottle for soda keeps the country environmentally sound and provides jobs.

What are the Big Issues in Your Community?
July 31, 1999

This dispatch tells kids how they can make their voices heard, by voting in a UN-sponsored referendum on the issues that affect them most. Includes references to the United Nations, UNICEF, Zimbabwe, the Girl Child Network, Matabeleland AIDS Council.


Go and Score a Goal!
August 4, 1999

Find out what the four goals of the Students for Environmental Action at the University of Zimbabwe are and find out how those goals can inspire your students to make a difference for the environment.
Developing Countries, Big Daddy Corporations and the World Trade Organization
August 7, 1999

Zimbabwean farmers are in a bind because of harsh international regulations on import and export.
Send A Message!
August 11, 1999

Let your voice be heard and send a message to your state legislators to let them know where you stand on increasing tobacco product excise taxes.
Who Wants to Clean Out the Sewers?
August 21, 1999

A brainstorming activity helps students to examine the interrelationships and value of the individual, community, and work.
Cracking Down on Population Growth
August 28, 1999

Expanding on Monica's UNICEF dispatch, this Making a Difference encourages students to learn more about the devastating effects of rapid population growth and to take action to slow this growth. Students are encouraged to order free wall charts and Population Awareness Campaign Kits from Zero Population Growth, a national nonprofit organization.


Who Will Mop Up Their Mess? Shell and Chevron Wreak Havoc in Nigeria
September 8, 1999

Frank discussion of the devastating human rights abuses and environmental destruction still occurring in the West African country of Nigeria. Mainly because of American oil companies, namely Shell and Chevron, who continue to spend billions of dollars per year in search of new sources of oil at the expense of biodiversity and indigenous cultures.
Women Worldwide...The Continuing Struggle for Advancement and Empowerment
September 18, 1999

144 countries have ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, but the US isn't one of them! Students are asked to get the US behind this important Convention.
Abeja gets M.A.D.-- she's Making a Difference
September 22, 1999

Exploration of the dangers of Nestle's formula milk promotion in Africa with suggestions for how students can make a difference.

O C T O B E R  

Adrift at Sea
October 20, 1999

The team makes a difference by confronting the exploitation of whales internationally.
We Still Need to Save the Whales
October 20, 1999

Students learn about dolphins and whales and the jeopardy they continue to face today.
The Parthenon Temple: Reuniting a symbol of world cultural heritage
October 27,1999

Have the British lost their marbles? Find out more about the Parthenon marbles. How they got to England and why some think they should be back in Athens where they belong.
Making a Difference - Just Do It...or forever hold your peace!
October 27,1999

NIKE athletic gear is using too much third world "slave labor". In places like Indonesia, workers have long hours and little pay. Plus they endure dangerous working conditions. Find out in this dispatch how to "Just don't buy it" and give help to give the factory workers a better work life.

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