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Dr. Nawal El Saadawi

"Egypt's foremost feminist writer..."

- Publishers Weekly
"The author fought injustice all her life, suceeded in becoming a doctor... then a writer."
- Doris Lessing
Nawal El Saadawi was born in a small village on the Nile in Egypt. From this humble place she rose to become one of the world's leading feminist authors. Unfortunately, she was not in Egypt when we were, as she is teaching at a university in the United States. So we had some friends go and interview her for us at her home. You can relive it here! Just select your Internet speed above.

Nawal's Story
At age ten, Nawal stood up to her father and spilled hot tea on the man he had arranged for her to marry. This was just a tase of what was to come in this intelligent, daring woman's life. She served as the Director of Health and Education in Cairo but was dismissed from the post in 1972 for her political writing and activities. She was imprisoned by the Egyptian President for a number of years, and was later the focus of death threats and the founder of an organization that was banned in Egypt.
Click here to learn more about this admirable woman.

Excerpts from the Works of Nawal
Read excerpts from several of Nawal's most famous works.

Special thanks to Jodi Stewart and Ann Meacham
for their assistance and support in making this interview possible.

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