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Sibongile Khumalo perform
Untold Story

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Sibongile Khumalo
Drop by drop, trickles of my father's tears . . . The land has not fallen in vain. Land of Africa come home. Born into a musical family in Soweto, Sibongile Khumalo once dreamed of becoming an opera singer, an option she has yet to rule out "I will do a project of classical music or jazz in the future, but for now my interests and inclinations are South African." Nationally, her reputation and music¨flavored with indigenous Zulu, Sothos and Tsogas tribal influence s¨precede her. "You are indeed our national treasure," proclaimed Nelson Mandela. "Your achievement is the achievement of our country as a whole. Let your music be the ambassador that will shape the hearts and minds of people all over the world in a quest for peace, love and harmony."

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On first listen, Sibongile's dreamy, breathy vocals sound like stream of consciousness musings, but her riveting style is the result of extensive musical and literary studies. After receiving musical degrees from the University of Zululand and Wits University, Sibongile taught and conducted research at FUBA Academy and at the Madimba Institute of African Music. As an actress, she has toured Europe and America and performed in numerous musicals.

Untold Story, from her debut disc, Ancient Evenings, is a heart-wrenching poem paying tribute to the struggles of Africa's ancestors.

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