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Glykeria perform
Pare Me Apopse Pare Me

(One-minute sample)

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Glykeria is one of the most popular singers in Greece. She successfully navigates the fine line between commercialism and artistic credibility, managing to perform irresistible, melodic songs while remaining faithful to Greece's rich musical heritage. Born in the small city of Serres in Northern Greece, she, like most professional Greek musicians, migrated to Athens to perform in the boites, the small, often seedy, music clubs that pepper the old city.

Her talent was immediately recognized by Greece's musical demigod, George Dalaras, whose invitation to share the stage lent an immediate seal of approval and gave Glykeria a boost to stardom. Her tremendous celebrity in the 1980s spearheaded the revival of Greek popular songs and her creativity and talent has kept her on the top of the Greek charts for decades.

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"Pare Me Apopse Pare Me (Take Me Tonight)" is essentially an old-fashioned love song. "In a mass of lies / Only the truth can save / The biggest truth of all is you / The sweetest reward / Vice and malice are concealed / By a white angelic haze. Take me tonight / Take me warm love / I will be waiting / To open up like the sea shore."

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