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Hear Rocky Dawuni perform
In Ghana

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Rocky Dawuni
In the wake of Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube and Majek Fashek, Ghana’s Rocky Dawuni has risen as the latest African to fully embrace reggae and find international acceptance. He arrived on the scene in 1991 when his group Local Crisis stole the show at the Pan African Music Festival held in Ghana’s capital, Accra.

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His strong local following encouraged him to travel to the United States in search of greater horizons. After a few years of germination he issued his first recording The Movement to rave reviews. Back home the album created two hit singles and Rocky returned home in late 1996 to perform at a peace concert for the Ghanian national elections. The next summer in the midst of the National Independence 40th Anniversary, Rocky was inspired to write a song for his upcoming Crusade CD with a nationalistic theme.

Dawuni describes “In Ghana” as a celebration of 40 years of independence, it’s an ode to the individual’s continuing search for freedom.

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