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George Dalaras perform
Pame Gi Allou

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George Dalaras
In a Greek music scene that is filled with exceptional artists, Dalaras stands at the top of the heap. The Greek equivalent of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Woody Guthrie rolled into one, George Dalaras has managed to earn a place in the hearts of Greeks from every social strata.

Born in a working class district of Athens, Dalaras was raised close to the urban folk traditions that are at the heart of Greece's musical identity. His father was a traditional musician who played the bouzouki, a lute with four double stringed courses that is Greece's defining instrument. From a young age Dalaras was exposed to the working class music of the streets, especially the earthy rembetiko whose illicit mystique and cultural resonance is reminiscent of early American blues.

Dalaras recorded his first album when he was still a teenager, and his invigorating variation of authentic urban Greek music enriched with the vision of a new era turned him into an instant star. In many ways a protest singer, he remains committed to human rights and political activism and uses his status to promote support for oppressed peoples both at home and abroad.

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The song "Pame Gi Allou (Let's Make A Move)" is a call for social and political activism against cultural and ethnic stereotypes. "Let's make a move / Because what we're left with in hock / Are just our own mind's follies / We have become in this world's dish / Its spice in all its glories / You do belong to the past / They tell us and they snicker / They raised their standards of revolt / They left us all behind / And all the moments we went through / They do not even mention / Bent over their monitors / Their future is what they're after."

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