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The Team in Zimbabwe
(June 26 - August 11)

June 26, 1999: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know... The Rich History of Zimbabwe and Swaziland
  • Abeja asks for directions and finds herself in a lyrical bliss
  • Kavihta explores vivid cave paintings
June 30, 1999: The Fabled and Factual Creation of Zimbabwe
  • Why is the hippo fat and ugly? Why is the baobab tree upside down? Kavitha unveils the answers!
  • Two World Trekkers disappear into a mysterious mirror. Monica tells us a tall tale about African train travel!
July 10, 1999: Zimbabwe and Swaziland - Of Kings, Queens, and Cool Kids
  • How many wives are too many? Meet the King of Swaziland
  • Let the show begin! Kids that perform in the streets
July 14, 1999: Rags and Riches in Mozambique
  • What if your name was Sixpence of Matches? It happened in Africa!
  • What if the Chinese had taken over the world instead of Europeans? It could have happened!
July 17, 1999: Discovering Mozambique's Simple Life
  • Has Abeja found an island paradise?
  • Hit the open seas with Shawn and his boat with rags for a sail!
July 21, 1999: Past, Present, Future: Freedom and Redevelopment in Zimbabwe
  • What do you do after a civil war - try working together!
  • Ancient African Ruins, Medicine Men and Fortune Tellin' Old Ladies
July 24, 1999: African Animals: Attacking and Attacked!
  • The beasts of Africa threaten, but Kavitha lives to tell the tale
  • Kudu, Ostrich, Impala, and Crocodile -- African cuisine for Kevin!
July 28, 1999: Reading, Writing and Recycling Zimbabwe Style
  • No cans allowed! Zimbabwe has strict rules regarding soft drinks - but the result is cleaner streets
  • Join Abeja in the life of a Zimbabwean high school student
  • Make a difference by recycling in your neighborhood
July 31, 1999: Zimbabweans Paving Paths to Brighter Futures
  • Born into a life on the streets, poor youth find a way to get ahead
  • The Prince of Wales, rain dances, and a diner club... Abeja discovers it all in one day!
  • Make a difference by recycling in your neighborhood
August 4, 1999: Environment vs. Development - Beauty or Beast?
  • Better get out of the way! Wild animals on the scene
  • Anyone for mush and porridge? Discover traditional food in Zimbabwe
August 7, 1999: Taking Control: Zimbabwe Struggles Against the Powers That Be
  • Straight up: What are teens in Zimbabwe thinking?
August 11, 1999: The Team Bids Zimbabwe - and Shawn - a Fond Farewell
  • Shawn says goodbye to the Team, and the "Best Job on Earth"
  • Abeja gets an inside look at the selling of tobacco
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