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The Team in West Africa & Mali
(August 14 - September 25, 1999)

August 14, 1999: Bugged Out in Africa
  • My head hurts, my stomach hurts. Ugh, I don't feel so good.
  • Ebola, Nothing to sneeze at.
August 18, 1999: New Faces, Places and Experiences in West Africa
  • Déja vu in West Africa
  • Hello New Trekker - Jasmine Hops on Board!
August 21, 1999: Ghana in All its Glory
  • Kavitha and Abeja meet one of Ghana's most remarkable women and at 80, she's still got spunk!
  • A picture says a thousand words... but is it worth getting arrested?
August 25, 1999: Over the Hills and Through the Woods (well, sort of!) The Team Reunites in Mali!
  • Off to a great start, Jasmine is in Africa!
  • You pay more when you're caught in the tourist trap
August 28, 1999: It's a Different World Than Where We Come From
  • It's a Different World Than Where We Come From
  • All the languages in Mali- it's all Greek to me!
September 1, 1999: Traditional Living in the Third World; It Ain't Easy!
  • I turned around and the African girl was balancing my digital camera carefully on her head--no hands!
  • To Timbuktu in buses, boats and canoes?
September 8, 1999: The Places We Go, The People We Meet
  • Sink or swim, Abeja to the rescue!
  • The Tiny Tellum People Who Live in Tiny Mud Houses
September 11, 1999: Magic in the Middle of Nowhere
  • We're not in Kansas anymore
  • A Place of Peace
September 15, 1999: Much to Learn, Many Tales to Tell
  • One Hump or Two?
  • Learning is different for Girls and Boys
September 18, 1999: Getting Cultural and Cultivating Girls
  • What if you could paint your house any color?
  • Yeah, well my guy's makeup is better than your guy's! Learn about the Fulani people
September 22, 1999: Trekker Trials and Tribulations in Mali (say it five times fast!)
  • Abeja gets so thirsty her legs start to cramp up
  • Jasmine calls YOU to join the fight to save our planet!
September 25, 1999: From the Sahara to the Sea, the Team Keeps Truckin'
  • Dangers of the Sahara
  • Oh, the memories...
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