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Chat Transcript - November 29, 1999
1 pm EST/10 am PST

Welcome to The Odyssey Live Chats from Cairo, Egypt! Several middle school students, ages 8-13, will be joining us live from Cairo, hosted by Trekker Monica.

<Moderator> Welcome to the World Trek Live Chat! We have Trekker Monica and Alexandra, an 11 year old 6th grade student with us - both are writing from Cairo, Egypt right now!

<Moderator> Keep sending your questions in and we will try to respond to as many as possible!

<Alex> Hi from Cairo!! I'm 11 years old. I'm in sixth grade. I have one cat and one horse.

<Alex> Also I'm a girl not a boy Alex!!! My full name is Alexandra

<Mike K. (Greenville, NH)> Do people watch MTV in Egypt?

<Alex> They do if they have cable.

<Alex> What is your favorite subject? How many people do you have in your classroom? Does any one like cats?

<Geoff (Greenville\NH)> I love cats they are all fuzzy.

<Gina (Mason)> My cat just died. I'm really sad. Monica - are you guys sad about being without your family close to you?

<Monica> Hey Gina, I'm kinda sad to be alone in a strange country but at the same time I've found a "family" in the different friends and acquaintances I've made here. I also am excited because my mom and dad will be coming to visit in just a few days, and we'll get to see all the ancient Egyptian ruins and such...

<Alex> I'm really sorry about your cat, Gina. Geoff, do you have any cats?

<Lulaby0070NH)> Hi! Does anyone like horses?

<Alex> I love horses. I own my own horse. Its name is Java. I ride her in the desert near the pryamids.

<Katie (NH)> My name is Katie, what is your name? I am 11 years old and in 6th grade. I have a mom,dad,sister. I have 1 dog 2 cats and 1 rabbit. Do you have any animals? Have you gone to school all your life?

<Alex> My name is Alex. I have gone to school all my life.I have one cat and one horse.

<Dots (Mason NH)> Do you have pigs and cows in Egypt?

<Alex> Yes we do, but we do not very many pigs - people do not like them here.

<Animal-lover (greenville-NH)> I have a dog he is an English Springer Spanial and his name is Winston!

<Alex> How cute!!!!

<Alex> Does any one like to ski?

<Carrie (CO)> I love skiing - and snowboarding too! I go all the time!

<West (Mason,NH)> Do you like Pokemon?

<Alex> No I do not like Pokemon

What American foods do you like the best? How about Egyptian foods?

<Alex> I like many American foods. For example pizza, ice cream, etc. I like Tahina the best.

<Caity (Oceanport, NJ)> If you could come to America, where would you like to visit?

<Alex> Caity, I would like to visit Orlando, Florida.

<Heba Taha from Cairo, Egypt> Hello everybody, this is the frist time I joined the group.

<Moderator> Welcome Heba! Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself - your age, your grade etc. Are from Cairo also?

<Heba> I am Heba from Cairo. I am 15 years old. I go to an English School. I am in the second year of my IGCSE certificate.

<Ashley (Oceanport, NJ)> How is Egypt different from what is shown in American movies?

<Alex> People do not always ride on camels. People can not go inside the pryamids any more. They live in regular houses.

<Monica> I met Heba through Dr. Salma Galal, who I wrote about in some of my dispatches. Dr. Galal thought that Heba would be a great person to chat with, as she is from Egypt and speaks English very well...

<Monica> To continue answering Ashley's question, people here don't worship Ra and they don't write in hieroglyphs. Mostly you would think that because you only learn about the pharaohs of Egypt, you don't usually learn a lot about the Greeks, the Romans, the Turks, the British and French, and finally, independent modern-day Egypt. The Egyptians I've talked to actually find it somewhat insulting that some people think they still live in pyramids, etc.

<Heba> WWhat is the kind of films you see about Egypt? Egypt is an ancient country with ancient civilization.

<Nick (Oceanport New Jersey)> What do you like best about your school?

<Alex> I like that it has its own swimming pool.

<GDOD (Chicago)> What chores do you do?

<Alex> I do not do any chores.

<Claire (Oceanport, NJ)> Were you suprised to meet Monica, who didn't look like the Americans you see in the movies?

<Alex> How much homework do you have?

<Monica> We haven't met yet, unfortunately, just over the phone.... ;-)..and sometimes it's hard to explain exactly "what" I am.... I'm Canadian-born, Filipino by ancestry, and American by citizenship.... kinda confusing

<Nick (Oceanport NJ)> Do classes go on trips to the Pyramids alot, or do people go there on their free time?

<Alex> People go the pyramids during their free time mostly.

<Heba> Your masseges are very rapid and I am trying to cach up with all of you, please be patient

<Alex> The Giza pyramids are very close to where I live, so I go there almost every weekend to ride my horse.

<Leslie(Id)> for both of you - what do you do in your spare time? Where do you like to go out?

<Alex> Leslie, over Thanksgiving, my family and I went on trip to visit an oasis in the desert. I went swimmming in a hot spring. It was great! Where did you go for Thanksgiving?

<Nick (Oceanport NJ)> In history class, do you learn anything about the United States? If so, what do you learn?

<Alex> Nick, I go to an American School, so I study pretty much the same stuff that you do. We also study Egyptian Culture.

<Ruby (Everett,WA)> What do you learn about the U.S.A?

<Alex> Ruby, we learn about every thing that you would study about it.

<Alex> Do you guys get alot of homework?

<Sally (CA)> We have about 1 hour of homework every night

<Alex> We get about 2 hr. at least a night.

<Sally (CA)> that's a lot!

<Monica> It seems like Heba's connection and Alex's connection are at different speeds, so if you have more questions for Heba directly, feel free to email me and I will get you her address....

<Moderator> Heba - when your computer catches up - feel free to answer any of the questions you want...

<Kelly (TX)> What is your favorite thing about Cairo or Egypt?

<Alex> My favorite thing in Egypt is riding out at the pryamids on my horse.

<Connie (Oceanport NJ)> Is corporal punishment allowed in the public schools in Egypt? (That is, is it OK for teachers to hit the students in Public schools?)

<Alex> I do not know. I go to private school not a public school and it is not allowed.

<Alex> I have to go to bed now so TaTa and I hope to speek with you someother time.

<Moderator> Alex and Hebe, Thank You very much for joining us and answering the questions. Thank you also to all the students and classrooms who participated today!

<Moderator> World Trek Live Chat is over for today - but we'll be back tomorrow (Tuesday Nov. 30 - 9am & 11am PST/12am & 2pm EST) We'll have Kevin with us answering questions about his bout with Malaria and his adventures as a World Trekker!

<Connie (Oceanport NJ)> Good Night, Alex! Thanks for talking to all of us.


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